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I wish I could retract the salt I used to lace your open wounds
I wish I had an apology genuine enough to un-cry all the tears that ran down your cheeks
I wish I had the energy to show you how I really felt
I don’t blame you for feeling like I didnt care or like I didnt miss you.
I don’t blame you for giving up on what we once cherished.
I don’t blame you for leaving your apartment for the city filled with gold.
I dont blame you for kicking that chair out from under your feet.
I know you burnt the letters that I wrote you, but the ones you wrote me are still on my nightstand and I read them when I feel guilty and alone.
I search for you in every girl that has ever made her way into my bed.
Because I know thats the closest ill ever get to holding you again.

Even after your emotions began to slow I sat ideal and I waited in hope that im a piece that you just can’t let go. These lies are ropes they restrain my hands and keep the words I need to speak to you from leaving my throat. I used to have hope that the love that we once shared together still burns as uncontrollably in you as it does in me. The stinging of defeat I feel as I look at the two of you knowing that Im not the one who swept you off your feet. The constant feeling of being obsolete. What is it that you seek in him that you can’t find in me? Maybe im weak I long again for the days when your presence made my heart skip beats. love is like a puzzle you see, I had mine put together then I lost my most prized piece now Im stuck forever incomplete.

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