sapiosexual 18 year old male. Writer. Singer. Baseball player.

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Anonymous asked: Don't let society manipulate your perspective on life.

Society never has done that. I’ve always been a free thinker that see’s things as they really are and not how society wants us to see them.

Im starting to forget
the sound of your angelic voice
And they way your lips felt as they pressed against mine, how to felt to be suspended in time while everything around us disenagrated.

I’m starting to forget the way your hazell eyes gleamed in the sunlight and the feeling of your skin against mine and how your smile sent a million butterflies through my stomach.

Im starting to forget the image of what I once held so dear to me and how my life revolved around your happiness. That image is now fading and I can’t help but feel that maybe just maybe its time for me to accept that you’ve moved on

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The butterflies that once filled my gut are gone now.

The ones that used to spread their eager wings at the sound of your name.

The ones that didn’t have one moment of peace when you were in my presence

The ones that would flutter when your hazell eyes grazed my sight line.

Maybe they have abondoned me.

Maybe when you stole my heart you stole them too.

Maybe I’ve learned to live without you.

Maybe im just empty.

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